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Making a mid-career change is a daunting prospect. You could be considering making a change for many reasons.

  • You feel bored, frustrated or burnt out in your current job.
  • You are returning to the workforce after taking time away to care for family.
  • You left a job and feel anxious about looking for a new position.
  • You want to find a career that better fits your interests and abilities.
  • You are retiring and you are wondering what to do next.

It is natural to have anxious thoughts about transitions in your work life. You wonder how this will affect your other relationships or how you will continue to meet your personal and financial responsibilities. Do you have the skills, the time or the resources to pursue a new path? You worry that your age will impact your ability to make a change right now.

I offer a non-judgmental space where you can talk about your dreams and your fears. In our work together, you will learn about what energizes and motivates you, and you will identify the skills and resources that will help you create a more satisfying career.  We will develop a plan together that helps you start to make changes while respecting the other important roles and responsibilities in your life. And I will provide support and help you find strategies to overcome obstacles along the way. 


Career coaching sessions are $130 for 50 minutes. I offer a free 15-minute consultation session for new clients.

Career coaching is typically not covered by insurance unless a mental health diagnosis has been submitted.

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