Career Coaching Services

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I offer the following career coaching services to adults (18+) in Pennsylvania and Delaware:

Career Transitions

Changes to your career, whether voluntary or involuntary, can be stressful.  I can help you navigate the practical and emotional challenges of making a career transition and help you reach your destination faster.

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Managing Work Life Stress

If managing your career and having a personal life feels overwhelming, career counseling can help you find your way to a more balanced life.

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Young Adults

Finding your way to your ideal career doesn’t just happen — it takes thought and planning. Career counseling will help you learn about yourself and your abilities and teach you how to set and work towards goals. These skills will not only help you land your first job or get into grad school — they will also help you manage career challenges throughout your life.

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Career coaching sessions are $130 for 50 minutes. I offer a free 15-minute consultation session for new clients.

Career coaching is typically not covered by insurance.

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